Perfect weather to go out

This is the perfect weather today to visit hiroshima! and it keeps on tomorrow.

You can see amazing view from the top of the Misen mountain in Miyajima.
However, the great Torii is repairing… but it is valuable depending on the way of thinking, because it’s an event that takes place once every hundred years.

In Miyajima island, old-fashioned towunhouses Machiya-zukuri are still a part of life, you see just behind the shopping main street. 

Anyway, there are many attractive places in Hiroshima Prefecture that are not in Tokyo of Kyoto.
You can go easily to some local towns in mountains and islands, to enjoy fresh food and nature. 


Shot Bar Bourbon Square 
 1-2, Mikawa-chou, Nakaku, Hiroshima city
 *on the stairs